Prefabricated Homes

Prefabricated Homes is another term used in the Park Home & Holiday Lodge Sector

What does” prefabricated homes” mean to you? At Wessex Park and Leisure Homes we know that there are still out of date preconceptions. This page is intended to help clarify the use of that term and position the Wessex product range accordingly.

A pre-fabricated home covers many different types of home and simply means that the home incorporates some degree of off-site construction in either its completed form or sub-components. Prefabricated homes of today are difficult to spot as they are often indistinguishable from traditional builds once completed

Prefabricated homes were traditionally seen as a quick and low cost route to building a property. However, modern technologies that are used in prefab housing design and build now mean that they can afford time and quality advantages over traditional brick built homes.

As all Wessex Park Homes properties, both the holiday lodge range and park homes, are constructed using prefabrication in our factory, they benefit from better design coordination and quality control, less susceptibility to the uncertainty of weather and much faster completion times.

Designs, layouts and colour schemes can be tailored to individual requirements, making each property as personal as required.

This beautiful Wessex Park Hideaway home is classed as a prefabricated home.This Wessex Park home is also classed as a prefabricated home


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